November 18, 2010

For Love of Cardigans

Cardigans are probably one of my favorite items to wear.  

In Minnesota dressing in layers is an art form.  
The J.Crew Catalog we got in the mail today was a handbook in dressing in layers.  I didn't even know J. Crew made kids clothes until I looked online last week.  Of course it's all ridiculously expensive and serves only to incite lust. 
I was inspired by this adorable J.Crew kids cardigan.
I love the constrasting colored zipper!  

So i dug around in my fabric stash and came across this fabulous hot pink zipper and after a quick brush up online - learned how to insert an exposed zipper.  No seam ripper needed!

Not too bad for my first try!  Don't look too closely at ruffles (and now you will) because they're a little off.  Luckily Lucy is always moving around so it won't be too noticeable.
To be honest, it's a bit ruffly for my taste.  I think the front neckline should be a little lower, but I couldn't adjust the length of the zipper - so there it is!  

She looks adorable in the cardi and I'm working on another version that has buttons and bows instead of ruffles.  I hate gathering fabric into ruffles!

Here are the vintage buttons from a local shop.

Here's the work in progress- I wish it were my size!

I'm putting on 2 pockets with little black far I like it!

If it goes well I think this will be the next pattern in the shop.

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