November 1, 2010


How was your halloween?  It's always been one of my favorite holidays.  Maybe it's the candy or the costumes or the sugar high memories.  This year Mr. Owly agreed to dress up with me and little L, so I got to create costumes for the whole family!
We did some late-night Google "research" and learned males gnomes wear blue tunics and belts (check!).  Apparently female gnomes wear green hats and skirts after marriage (oops)!  I hope no gnomes are insulted by our mistakes! I made our mushroom gathering aprons, red hats, green tunics and Mr. Owly's white beard.  

One little trick-or-treater had a few suggestions for us 
"Are you supposed to be a yard gnome?" 
"Well then shouldn't you be in the yard?"

We pranced around the neighborhood, took in some spooky sights, and (of course) ate some candy!  
I hope your Halloween was frightfully good!


  1. Why did you get all the great genes! Good work Becky, great pictures and can't wait to see what's next!

  2. Regardless of adhering to such colors, it looks like both of you guys had fun wearing those costumes! Looking forward for more of these kinds of fun-filled pictures in the near future.

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