May 31, 2011

Leave of absence...

It's been a wonderful feeling to leave the pressures of creativity for a while.  When I say pressures I'm talking about self imposed pressure.  While I haven't made any new patterns for sale lately - I've done a bit of dabbling and refocusing and a bit of unfocusing.

I've been dabbling in knitting and exploring the knitting world via Ravelry.  (see my profile here)

I'm thinking about making a romper pattern.  Hattie looks unsure about my fabric selection.  It was a great idea until I saw the hot dog vendor at the MN Twins game - same exact red and white stripes.  I felt like an evil Mom for dressing my baby the same as hot dog vendor.
The pattern would likely only be for babies because I think a toddler might look ridiculous in this getup.

Or I might make a racerback dress pattern.  I like this...the front armholes need a bit of tweaking.  Thoughts anyone?

But mostly hanging out with these two characters.  One of which figured out she can now reach items on the counter tops - including blueberry muffins. 
That looks like a vicious bite!

And Harriet is 4 months old! (I had to throw in some cute baby photos for the Aunt Vicky).

If this doesn't make you smile I don't know what will...

Hasta luego!

May 11, 2011

Kid's Clothes Week

I've been busy sewing and *trying* to snap a few photos for Kid's Clothes week from Elsie Marley.  It really is a challenge!

It's already the third day and I haven't posted anything yet - but I've completed 2 sunbonnets and a dress for Harriet.  The bonnets are fully reversible - which is fabulous!

Here are the bonnets - Peekaboo Bonnet pattern from Made by Rae

The dress pattern is Dorothee from Citronille.  The patterns are written in French (I don't know a word of French) but if you've sewn a few garments before you could figure it out.  They also include very helpful diagrams.  I'm not sure I love the dress - the sleeves are a bit puffy for my taste.

(photo soon - once the girls go down for their nap!)


::Duck feeding (notice the lack of ducks and Lucy eating the bread!)

::Easter bag-sket switching.  Whose bag is that?

::Hanging out with Dad - time!

::growing up way too fast!

::Quality time with grandpas

and the biggest happening...

::Harriet's baptism!
Dress made by my Aunt Pat - which I also wore for my baptism

Dad, Mom and Hattie
What a wonderful cause for celebration!

May 2, 2011

I've been...

*wishing for warmer weather, but been staying warm in my first hand-knit sweater

*sewing a cute shirt for myself!  (and drafted a personalized sloper)  It's a pale blue blouse with a small peter pan collar, long french darts and a bow!

*cutting out more napkins to sew for everday use from this fabric collection

*refraining from sewing a baptismal dress for this cutie (she will be wearing the same dress I wore  - and that my aunt made - for her upcoming baptism)

*but did crochet this bonnet for her special day (photo and pattern HERE from Aesthetic Nest)

*enjoying the beautiful new chalk in our driveway

*and looking forward to some Dundas Dukes summer baseball games
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