About Me

I’m Becky Ruud and I’ve always enjoyed sewing and crafting, of any kind...painting, drawing, crocheting, jewelry making, sewing... Owly Baby began in 2009 after I became a new mom. As a temporarily retired Spanish teacher, I’ve found plenty of (nap) time to sew practical and beautiful items for my darling little girl, Lucy.

Sewing History
I've been sewing since I was young and learned the basic skills from my Mom (thanks Ma!).   I've since indulged in my sewing passion regularly to create fun and beautiful things for my friends and family.  I usually only make one or two of each item because I love to come up with new designs and ideas.  I find it more interesting to figure out the process and design of making - than actually reproducing the project multiple times.

My Etsy Shop - Owly Baby
I sell some handmade goods on Etsy.  Etsy is a network of handmade artisans.  I'm currently selling handmade sewing patterns, some finished garments and swaddling blankets.
In naming my Etsy shop (and therefore blog), I used a family word. I'm sure your family has these words too...a word you've made up and unknowingly created a meaning! While talking to my husband, Mr. Owly, I learned that OWLY isn't a real word (GASP!). I typed it into dictionary.com ... and ... nothing! Growing up, my mother and grandmother used it to describe someone who was grouchy or grumpy. This imaginary adjective still holds meaning for my family, and hopefully (now) your family too!

About This Blog
The goal of this blog is to share my ideas and crafty inspirations with fellow crafters, become inspired and generally have fun!

Photo Use/Links
If you'd like to share photos from this blog elsewhere - please link back and give credit to Owly Baby.  However - PLEASE DON'T use photos of my family without permission.  Thanks so much!!!

Contact Me
I love to meet fellow sewers and crafters!  If you have any questions or comments - feel free to contact me at OwlyBaby@yahoo.com.  

 My Sewing Space
It's divine to have a dedicated place to sew.  I think it's helped me to become a better sewer/seamstress.  It means I can leave unfinished projects out on the table and when I get interrupted (or the room looks a mess) and return later to pick up where I left off.

Brother Sewing Machine - nothing fancy

Singer Serger (Quantumlock)
Fabrics, notions, crafts, etc...

Happy sewing!

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