November 29, 2010

Christmas Dress Inspirations

While out shopping during the madness known as Black Friday - I came across some great deals (40% off everything in Banana Republic!) and some great inspiration for Christmas dresses!

Here's an idea for Lucy's dress - I love the ruffles and the gathered yoke.

I'm certainly NOT going to pay 44$ for a dress that will end up 
covered in cheerios and pickle juice.  
I'd rather spend 12$ and 4 hours making the pattern and dress!  
(does that sound insane?)

Here are some other ideas floating around in my head.

This Mod Cloth dress - I love the white crocheted details.  Maybe make it out of a comfy knit?

I'm definitely digging the front and center bows - especially when they're tastefully done. 

But sometimes bows can be tricky - and end up a little on the deep end.

I've also thought of going non-traditional and making a blue and white satin peasant dress with a bright yellow sash. We'll see.

I'm very pregnant and at Christmastime I'll be ready to pop.  
I don't feel like making a dress that could cover a parade float.  
If I did make a dress for me - it would probably resemble this dress from Mod Cloth. (my favorite source of dress inspiration)
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