July 23, 2012

Fabric Destash Sale!

I've just realized I have more fabric in my closet than I could ever hope to sew!  Please help yourself to some fabulous fabrics, help me raise some funds AND clear out my closet!  

You can save 10% 
on your fabric purchase by using the 
coupon code: OwlyBlog10

Here's a preview of the fabrics up for grabs:

American Jane, Alexander Henry, Heather Ross, Urban Chiks, Katie Jump Rope and more!

Lots of Anna Maria Horner

Original Flea Market Fancy, I can't believe I'm selling it!

Suzuko Koseki Sewing Prints, all 9" x 11"

Lots of Heather Ross in there!

Mono Pez Half Yard Sets, 2 available
Come check it out!  FABRIC SALE HERE!

July 7, 2012

Guest Post, FREE PATTERN and Coupon Code

Have you been following the Shorts on the Line Series?

shorts on the line button

I'm over at Imagine Gnats doing a guest post today!  There have been so many inspiring sewing projects!  CLICK HERE to see the guest post and download the FREE PATTERN.

So hop on over to Imagine Gnats and you'll see photos of my new cuffed shorts. I have been wearing them non-stop!

I'm also sharing the pattern with you for FREE so you can sew up your own pair for these hot summer days!
Shorts on the line readers - use the coupon code: 
and get 30% off your Owly Baby patterns for sale HERE 

Coupon valid until 7/27/2012.  Coupon does not apply to bundle packs.  Thanks!

July 1, 2012

Lemonade stands, sprinklers, and skinned knees

One blazing hot day last week, we trotted down to the neighbors lemonade stand with quarters in our hands, anticipating the cool lemonade.  As we drank from the too-small dixie cup, I remembered THIS lemonade stand from last winter. 

My husband wondered aloud why we never see hot chocolate stands.  I'm not sure why.  Kids don't usually handle hot liquids, is that it?  This was taken a bit before Christmas, maybe they were trying to get some funds for Christmas gifts?

We've also spent a good amount of time this summer kissing skinned knees, running through sprinklers, reapplying sunscreen, and eating foods that don't need baking.   Wonderful.

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