November 29, 2010

Toddler Cardigan Pattern - In Progress

I've been working hard on a new cardigan pattern.  I've been sewing samples, ripping out stitches, measuring, re-sizing, etc...

Here's a preview! 

I used some vintage buttons from a local shop - Digs.

This is the grandpa cardigan style with rib trim and cuffs.  It's a size too big for my petite model!

It can also be made with an exposed zipper and ruffles.

Ruffles are nice - but I still like the grandpa version the best!

If all goes well in the pattern drafting world - and Lucy naps well this week - the pattern should be ready for testing later this week!

Christmas Dress Inspirations

While out shopping during the madness known as Black Friday - I came across some great deals (40% off everything in Banana Republic!) and some great inspiration for Christmas dresses!

Here's an idea for Lucy's dress - I love the ruffles and the gathered yoke.

I'm certainly NOT going to pay 44$ for a dress that will end up 
covered in cheerios and pickle juice.  
I'd rather spend 12$ and 4 hours making the pattern and dress!  
(does that sound insane?)

Here are some other ideas floating around in my head.

This Mod Cloth dress - I love the white crocheted details.  Maybe make it out of a comfy knit?

I'm definitely digging the front and center bows - especially when they're tastefully done. 

But sometimes bows can be tricky - and end up a little on the deep end.

I've also thought of going non-traditional and making a blue and white satin peasant dress with a bright yellow sash. We'll see.

I'm very pregnant and at Christmastime I'll be ready to pop.  
I don't feel like making a dress that could cover a parade float.  
If I did make a dress for me - it would probably resemble this dress from Mod Cloth. (my favorite source of dress inspiration)
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November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Napkins

We use cloth napkins in our house (and cloth diapers too!).  We have a small collection of handmade napkins and a few that were gifts. 

(Here is where I refused to show a photo of our slightly stained napkins!)

While setting the table for Thanksgiving I noticed that I didn't have any fall/harvest themed napkins.  I wanted to make some napkins we could double as everyday napkins.  So... off I trotted to Target and picked up some plain green napkins.  I decided to embellish them with some simple hand embroidery.  

It's a perfect TV sewing project.  I like to embroider while watching Glee, The Office, or Parenthood!

I drew the design and transferred it with some carbon paper.  I used a running stitch so each napkin takes only about 15 minutes to sew. 
I used a variety of pretty colored embroidery flosses...

and finished my napkins just in time for Thanksgiving.  Our silverware is nicely tucked inside each napkin.

Because they're a bright grass green color - I think they will grace our table for Christmas and Easter too!

This would make a great holiday gift - it's always nice to have a few extra napkins around!

November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Here's a quick view of our Thanksgiving celebration...

The table was set.

A more appropriate sized roasting pan was found.

Stuffing was put in, baked, and then removed.

(did I mention it was 25 lbs?)

Giving thanks...

 Cards and games were played, egos crushed, etc...

In general, a happy time was had by all. Still giving thanks...

Black Friday was also a whirlwind of fun - shopping, eating and more shopping!  A few Christmas dress inspirations were also found! 

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November 22, 2010

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November 20, 2010

Quiet Time

Sometimes it's nice just to enjoy some peaceful moments. 

For me, it's the time before anyone else wakes up. 

I like to make a little tea, read the paper and enjoy the silence. 

Even if I have to get up a little early - my quiet time is worth it. 

Here's the view I got from my quiet time last week.

November 18, 2010

For Love of Cardigans

Cardigans are probably one of my favorite items to wear.  

In Minnesota dressing in layers is an art form.  
The J.Crew Catalog we got in the mail today was a handbook in dressing in layers.  I didn't even know J. Crew made kids clothes until I looked online last week.  Of course it's all ridiculously expensive and serves only to incite lust. 
I was inspired by this adorable J.Crew kids cardigan.
I love the constrasting colored zipper!  

So i dug around in my fabric stash and came across this fabulous hot pink zipper and after a quick brush up online - learned how to insert an exposed zipper.  No seam ripper needed!

Not too bad for my first try!  Don't look too closely at ruffles (and now you will) because they're a little off.  Luckily Lucy is always moving around so it won't be too noticeable.
To be honest, it's a bit ruffly for my taste.  I think the front neckline should be a little lower, but I couldn't adjust the length of the zipper - so there it is!  

She looks adorable in the cardi and I'm working on another version that has buttons and bows instead of ruffles.  I hate gathering fabric into ruffles!

Here are the vintage buttons from a local shop.

Here's the work in progress- I wish it were my size!

I'm putting on 2 pockets with little black far I like it!

If it goes well I think this will be the next pattern in the shop.

November 15, 2010

Fun Fabrics and Aprons

I've just picked up a beautiful assortment of fabrics at a local shop "Fourth and Main" in Cannon Falls.  The shop is filled with bolts and bolts of fancy fabrics.   Unfortunately they don't have a website to visit, but you can see photos of the store
HERE.  I love the tin ceiling, the vintage lights and the rows and rows of colorful fabrics!

The green polka dots and brown and cream swirly print were just used to make a fun, ruffly apron.  I'm working on a few test aprons for a holiday apron pattern.  
I've finished my first test apron and although it's cute, it's a bit too ruffly for my taste. 

My favorite part of this apron is the pocket.  It ties at the top and forms a "basket" shape.  Perfect for your cell phone, fruit snacks or sippy cup storage.  I think I'll call it a basket pocket.

The goal is for the final pattern package to include sizes for dolls, toddlers, children, women and plus sizes!

Fourth and Main fabrics has also placed an order to carry some of my patterns!  A few of the dress and skirt patterns will be available in a print version in their store starting on Tuesday.  I think I'll have to go visit just to see them hanging there!

November 10, 2010

Review of Betsy Pillowcase Dress Pattern

I was  happily surprised this evening to find that a fellow crafter has written a review of the Betsy Pillowcase Dress Pattern on her blog!  She tried out the Betsy Dress pattern and made 2 beautiful dresses so far!  You can check out the review and photos of her work HERE on her blog Fabric Flair.

Her shop on Etsy is full of bright and beautiful designer fabrics!  

Here are a few of my favorites fabrics in her shop!  

These would make a super-cute nursery quilt/sheet/curtains set.

I would love a cute, fitted dress in this fabric!

I'm such a sucker for oversized, saturated colors like these from Anna Maria Horner!  I especially love the print in the top right - the pinwheels make me think of sunny summer days....
(fabric photos taken by Fabric Flair)

November 5, 2010

Embroidery Hoop Nursery Decor

I'm so excited to share some nursery decor a la cheap!  My favorite source of inspiration is Apartment Therapy - OhDeeDoh.  I drew the color palette for Lucy's room from this nursery featured last year.   It's so sweet and I LOVE the yellow crib.

Here is a close up of their embroidery hoop art.  So cute AND affordable!

The embroidery hoop art is catching on - like this one:

Or those circles in the corner:

Or behind this lovely yellow chair:

So I decided to use some of my favorite fabrics and make my own!  

It was very easy and I got all of the embroidery hoops at a local thrift store for a total of $3.50!
What I love most is that the fabrics are so easy to change and the whole project is sewing, glue, and staple free!  You just lay the fabric over the hoop and tighten!

Stay tuned for a tutorial on Embroidered Linen Nursery Art coming soon!  It's super easy AND might become my go-to-shower gift idea (besides burp cloths and a cute dress).
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