March 31, 2011

Making and breaking resolutions

I've been making little resolutions lately- too many resolutions.  I'm not sure if it's out of unhappiness with my current state or a simple striving for something better.  These resolutions are made each day at the most random of times.  Not thinking them through - I plod through my day and when I find I haven't upheld my new resolution - I furrow my brow and vow to do better.  I think it's making me feel like I've failed a mini-test each day.  This is not good.

For example - I resolved a few weeks ago to shed the last of the baby weight I've been lugging around.  I decided that my only snacks were going to be carrots and apples until the weight disappeared.  So...last night after 2 weeks of restraint - enter chips and salsa and root beer floats. 

I've also resolved to go on a walk each morning on the "new route" that is one mile longer than my previous walking route.  Much easier to "resolve" than to "do" with 2 little kidlets and a Spring that has recently reverted back to Winter.

I've resolved so many things that I can't even remember them all...write down more daily stories in the baby books, do a little laundry each day instead of huge loads every weekend, do only 2 craft projects at a time, sew 1 hour each night for my current project, run and lift three times a week, do 2 sessions daily of "preschool learning time" with Lucille, cut back on soda consumption...the list goes on...

I think I'm writing this post just to keep myself honorable.  The solution, I think, is to pick the 1 or 2 things that really matter and focus on that resolution alone.  Until I come to my senses and put some good thought into it, I suppose I'll keep making, and breaking my little resolutions. 

March 25, 2011

Darling Cardigan Pattern is here!

The Darling Cardigan pattern is a PDF sewing pattern for intermediate to advanced sewers.  The UNISEX cardigan is made from knit fabric trimmed with ribbing and a front button placket.   

This trendy cardigan will put a sweet spin on any outfit.  Inspired by grandpa’s closet this darling cardigan is sure to keep your little ones warm.  Full step by step instructions include tips on how to work with knits, how to apply ribbing, and more!  Full sized pattern pieces for all sizes are included.  

Sizes included: NB, 3m, 6m, 12m, 18m, 2t, 3t, Girls 4, 5, 6

Yardage needed:
Size/Age                                       45" knit fabric                                ribbing
 NB, 3M, 6M                                   1  yd                                             1/3 yd
12M, 18M                                       1 1/4 yd                                        1/2 yd
2t, 3t                                               1 1/2 yd                                        1/2 yd
4, 5, 6                                             1 2/3 yd                                        1/2 yd

Notions needed: 25” clear 1/4” wide elastic, scraps of fusible interfacing, 4-6 buttons

Even more exciting...
The first 10 buyers will receive the pattern at a whopping 50% off!  (sale price as listed)  

Shop Owly Baby HERE 

Thanks so much to all of my wonderful testers and models!  I really appreciate your hard work and patience!

March 20, 2011

Still not sewing.

My days have been full of nursing, diapers, and cheerios.  I still haven't found a good slice of time to fulfill my wishes of sewing.  I've dreamed and schemed many outfits for summer and haven't stitched an inch.

Here is the sweater I finished knitting for Lucille.  I love the little owls around the yoke.  I have *almost* enough buttons now to finish it off.  The button eyes will be sewn all the way around.

I can't resist showing off our little baby Hattie. Look at that kissable baby belly!

Also, our little girl turned 2!
 And yes, she likes to color with the wrong side of the fancy crayons!

Happy Birthday Lucille!

It's hard to believe that our little pudder has grown so big.  It makes me want to savor each moment even more when I think of how quickly it passes.

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