October 27, 2011

Calling all pattern testers!

I have 2 new patterns that I've been working on.  Late at night you can find me at the computer with the scanner, photos, measuring tape and a snack.  I've been working on grading the pattern pieces and now I'm moving on to writing the instructions.

The first pattern is an a-line jumper for sizes 6m to girls 5.  It includes optional piping and pockets, a partial lining (not shown), and a centered back zipper.

Here is one version:
Here is another version:

The second pattern available for testing is a romper for babies 3 months to 24 months.  It has an elasticized waist, narrow bias binding straps and snaps between the legs for easy changing. 

If you're interested in testing either (or both) of these new patterns - just send an email to owlybaby@yahoo.com

To be a pattern tester all you need to do is:
1) sew the garment according to the instructions using your own materials
2) make notes of any spelling errors, missing instructions or confusing steps
3) fill out a pattern review document (about the fit of the garment, etc.)

P.S. You don't need to be a master seamstress or do anything especially difficult.  I prefer "regular" pattern testers that accurately represent the customer base of Owly Baby.   Thanks so much!!!

If you would like your photo to be the cover photo - try to take the photo in natural light with an uncluttered background.  Photos taken outside or against a blank wall look best. Also - try to highlight the garment (not the model).  Close ups or interesting angles usually work for this.

I'll need written permission to use your photo on Etsy or on the cover of the print version.  I'll also send you 3 PATTERNS of your choice from Owly Baby.

October 19, 2011

Weekend Getaway

In my dreams the getaway was the sewing summit, but a winery is a wonderful second!  My mom, sister and I spent some time learning about wine and relaxing in Wisconsin. 


 I had just finished knitting my first cardigan - the Larch by Amy Christoffers.  It got some heavy use this weekend!  Unfortunately in the best photo of my sweater - I'm also pumping.

 The winery was beautiful.  There were horses, chickens, grapes, and lots of wine to taste!  I discovered that I enjoy port wines, the type of wine that has brandy mixed in during the aging.  My mom and sister liked ports and zinfandels. 


October 18, 2011

:: On the work table ::

A jumper in progress.

It will be a new pattern sometime in the future.  I really hope sooner rather than later.

The center front is still a bit too wide (at the top) and the back requires some minor adjustments to allow for the zipper.  Otherwise I like it and Lucy LOVES the pockets.  What do you think?

Not sure if this counts, but on the work - floor there is another quilt in progress.  Christmas gift making is already in full swing around here.  It's a broken dishes block put together with some beautiful Anna Maria Horner Loulouthi fabrics, some solids and one Joel Dewberry Aviary 2.

Happy sewing everyone!

October 6, 2011

Quilting Bee Blocks (October)

I have just finished my first two blocks for the Bits and Pieces quilting bee! 

The blocks had pre-cut fabrics and all I had to do was sew and press.  I was so excited to start piecing that I left the dirty dishes in the sink and the clean clothes in the laundry basket.  The laundry will probably wrinkle now - ugh!

The string blocks look great together and you can really see how the lattice effect will come through with the white sashing.  Great color choices by Rachel!

Now - back to that laundry!

October 5, 2011

Bicycles Quilt

Things have been moving around here!  I started and finished Hattie's Bicycles quilt.  She told me that it was her favorite quilt ever!  It's my favorite too!  I used Heather Ross' Bicycles print, some pink scraps and a bit of Flea Market Fancy.

It has nine wonky stars with glow-in-the-dark hand quilting.  I added the strips at the top and bottom to make it a crib size quilt.  Here are a few more photos - just because it's my favorite quilt ever!!

I love gingham backing.  It's very soft and home-y.  Is that a word?

I also ran Twin Cities Marathon this weekend with my sister.  She beat me by 11 minutes - that stinker!  We're still smiling at the end so the event was a success.
 There we are in the center with our names on our shirts!  Becky and Vicky. 
 The speedy little sis.

I've also been sewing up a storm.  I'm working on a few new patterns (dresses, of course).  I've also sewn a custom quilt, pillows and bed skirt for a soon-to-arrive baby, some simple curtains for the church nursery, and a class set of chair-back bags/organizers for a local school.  Whew!  In between these crafts I've managed to begin some Christmas gifts.  I think I'm planning on an entirely handmade Christmas so it's good that I've already started!  Anyone else planning a handmade Christmas?  Tips?

I've completely forgotten about Halloween and have to come up with some costume ideas.  Our family of gnomes last year will be hard to beat.  I think animals might be easy with some sort of sweatshirt embellishment?
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