February 4, 2013

What's going on!

It's been a busy time at the Owly Baby residence!  There hasn't been work on any new patterns - there might be one coming out this summer.  We'll see...

Here's what has been going on...(since December!)

My sister got married - and our whole family got to be in the wedding! :) 12-12-12!

We had a wonderful Christmas!

Everyone enjoyed their presents!

I knit a sweater.

and another sweater.  (and some hats that were gifted)

We've had some quiet time.

and some birthday time!

And sewing projects were sent across the country for a SWAP!

Right now, I've just finished reupholstering my ottoman for the last time EVER!  My hands are so achy from the stapler!  Photos to come! (p.s. it's hot pink!)
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