June 30, 2012

Swimsuit for ME!

I've taken a few deep breaths and I'm ready to share photos of my swimsuit!  This blog post is a good exercise in body image confidence!

Anyways, I was looking at swimsuits at anthropologie.com and decided to borrow a few style elements.  I liked the curves on the bikini tops and also the ruffles.  Those two elements are also supposed to give the illusion of a bust to those less gifted (like myself).  My bust is extremely out of proportion with my hips.  But, back to the topic.  It's hard to see in the photos, but the light blue fabric has off white polka dots.  Gingham and polka dots, that's how I roll!

Without further apology, here is my new suit!  

I copied the bottoms from a target swimsuit I wore last year.  I would ideally like more coverage in the front, and a little more width in the back.  Next time...

Just so I'm not the only one in a swimsuit in this post, here is Lucy sporting her mama made suit.  (she's with my Mom and Hattie)

A little girl at the pool noticed we had matching fabrics in our swimsuits and when I mentioned that I sewed our suits, she said "You can DO THAT?" with large eyes and a amazed expression.  That's pretty much the bewilderment I am going for every time I show my husband something I've made.  He raised his eyebrows at my double welt, buttoned pockets last night and said "Nice".  (for a Minnesotan, that's a pretty deal!)

 Here we are at the cabin, warming up after the frigid water.  I opted to keep my suit on, unlike my free spirited daughter.  

Happy summer everyone!

June 22, 2012

Sewing Swimsuits

I've just started sewing swimsuits (um, last month!) and I love it!  It really IS easy - no joke!  This suit for Lucy was made from a remnant at Joann's for 1.83!  The great thing about swimsuits is they take so little fabric and the stretch is very forgiving. 

Lucy looks so Parisian with the red tie on the front.  The swimsuit has been a big hit and she asks to wear it first thing in the morning.

If there is interest, I'll scan and upload the pattern I made.  I also have made a suit for myself but I'm wary about posting a photo!  We'll see.

Harriet also has a suit in the works.  She seems like more of a bikini girl.  I think I'll add some ruffles too!

June 20, 2012

Summer Sewalong - Shorts on the Line

shorts on the line button

I'm so excited to tell you about this event!! This july, imagine gnatsDesigns by Sessa, and small + friendly will be hosting "shorts on the line", a summer sewalong. 

For the first three weeks in july, we'll be sharing guest posts with shorts inspiration, tutorials, and pattern reviews. Those sewing along at home will have a chance to be featured in our sewalong round-up posts the last week of july.... and some *great* prizes, including fabric, patterns, and gift certificates!


7.1 shorts on the line kick-off!

week one: imagine gnats
7.2 Rachael (imagine gnats) and Melanie (A Sewing Journal)
7.3 Courtney (mon petit lyons), Inder (Inder Loves Folk Art), and Nicke (Kiss Kiss... Quilt)
7.4 Rashida (i heart linen) and April (Sewing Novice)
7.5 Andrea (the train to crazy) and Kristy (Hopeful Threads)
7.6 Shannon (luvinthemommyhood) and Erin & Carla (Clever Charlotte)
7.7 Emma (Hello Beautiful) and Cassandra (Cass Can Sew)
7.8 Gail (probably actually) and Becky (Owly Baby)

week two: small + friendly
7.9 Carla (small + friendly) and Sophie (cirque du bebe)
7.10 Ros (Sew Delicious) and Veronica (sewVery)
7.11 Shelly (Figgy's) and Alyssa (Pile O'Fabric)
7.12 Jessica (a little gray) and Diane (from blank pages)
7.13 Kristin (skirt as top) and Kelley (Casa Crafty)
7.14 Katie (There and Back) and Tara (girl like the sea)
7.15 Alli (B. Yazoo) and Jennet (Feathered Nest Studios)

week three: Designs by Sessa
7.16 Vanessa (Designs by Sessa) and Jessica (Me Sew Crazy)
7.17 Cherie (You and Mie) and Jane (Buzzmills)
7.18 Karen (Sew Well Maide) and Stephanie (The Crafty Kitty)
7.19 Bianca (Sweet Diesel Designs) and Tara (true, pure, lovely)
7.20 Jenny (Stumbles & Stitches) and Susan & Adrianna (crafterhours)
7.21 Danny (Mommy for Reals) and Marian (Lady Face)
7.22 Jill (Made With Moxie) and Christina (2 Little Hooligans)

features and deadline
7.23 sewalong features, Rachael's favorites
7.24 sewalong features, Carla's favorites
7.25 sewalong features, Vanessa's favorites
7.26 final deadline for shorts sewalong entries
7.27 viewers choice voting begins

winners annoucements
7.28 judges' choice third place announced
7.29 judges' choice second place announced
7.30 viewers choice winner announced
7.31 judges' choice first place announced

the full sponsor list and guest judge line-up will be coming soon. until then, get ready by joining the shorts on a line flickr group and check out our shorts on the line pinterest board for some short-y inspiration.

grab the code and share the button!

June 7, 2012

Summer sewing!

I've been busy doing  "summer sewing" projects!  Baseball uniforms, aprons, hems, alterations, curtains, wiksten tank tops, shorts, and so much more!  I honestly don't have enough time in one day to complete 1/100th of the things on my "To Sew" list. 

We have also been enjoying the wonderful weather.  Ice cream cones, backyard explorations, and trips to the zoo are our favorites.

What's on your "to sew" list? 
I'd love to make a chiffon button down top and a chambray dress.
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