September 15, 2011

Quilt Blocks - 318 Patchwork Patterns

This is my test block for my new quilting bee group.  The group is called "geese in a ring" and there are some BEAUTIFUL blocks up so far!  I already feel like I'm falling behind!

This is my new quilting book.  It's called 318 Patchwork Patterns by Kumiko Fujita.  You do need to know a bit about paper piecing because there are no instructions (and it's in Japanese). 

I can't wait to try the ice cream cone block.

Or this adorable duck block.  Perfect for a baby quilt.  Look at how the stripes match up...amazing!

This is probably my favorite page so far.  I'm savoring the book...ever so slowly studying each page.

September 2, 2011

Bits and Pieces Quilting Bee

Untitled by delightful disarray
Untitled, a photo by delightful disarray on Flickr.
Guess what!  I'm in a quilting bee! Doesn't that sound so old fashioned?
I'm so excited to start doing more quilting and the quilting bee makes it even more fun.

The piecing of a quilt top is usually such a solitary and sometimes boring activity.  I love that in the quilting bee I'll be making new and different blocks based on their visions for the quilts AND that I get to share all of these experiences with another group of crafters!  It's so exciting!

Click on the play button to check out the great blocks from these lovely ladies (all of whom I still have yet to "meet"!).  Can you hear my enthusiasm yet? 

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