January 27, 2012

A video tutorial! Foundation Paper Piecing

So - I'm trying to get my sewing mojo built up to tackle some of the blocks in my Patchwork 318 book.  So, without much preamble and scant forethought - here is my first video tutorial.  The 3 videos turned out much longer than I thought they would - so just skip the parts you already understand!
Toddler-practicing-scissors unfortunately happened at the bottom of the block this morning.  Arg!

I will be making the coffee mug from the pattern graciously provided by the talented Kerry of VeryKerryBerry.blogspot.com using the foundation paper piecing method. The foundation paper piecing method I use is slightly different than the freezer paper method that she demonstrates.

Part 1 - Foundation Paper Piecing setup and Mug Handle assembly

Part 2 - Attaching the mug handle to the mug *body*

Part 3 - Finishing steps, paper removal, reveal!

I'm not sure if I'll do more video tutorials - I didn't know I was so long winded!!  It's odd to watch yourself in a video!


  1. Hi Becky! I just wanted to let you know that I've passed a Liebster Award your way...Congrats!


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