January 19, 2012

::on the worktable::

I got a little hung up on rick-rack and was imagining a cute little peter pan collar edged with rick-rack.  Here is the result.

The white dress is a wee bit small for Lucy - so I had to make another slightly larger.  She's in a size 3 already!  When did that happen?  I'm soo in love with this little dress!

It's 25 below zero today, so it should be called frostbite dress.  Any ideas on names for the new pattern?

Can you see how small it is?  Uber-constricting for an almost 3 year old!

Who loves polka dots?  This is my favorite version!

It's also Hattie's first birthday today!  It seems very fitting that she was born on a -21 degree day and her first birthday is on a -25 degree day!  It may be cold outside but we can't get enough of her sunny personality!   She's already a charmer!

Fellow sewists - advice?
You might notice that from the first version of the dress to the polka dot version I changed a bit. I wanted the collar to be more prominent and I changed the sleeves to a cap sleeve.  I think it looks much better.  I added the apron for fun, but then I had to add a side zipper - yech.  I'm still wondering if I even need the darts on the front of the dress.  Loose dresses look ok on little girls, right?  What are your opinions on darts for little girls and/or side zippers?


  1. Love the fabrics you chose. Happy birthday Hattie! PS you and Jess must think alike. :)

  2. This is so cute, Becky! I love the little apron, too. I agree about the darts. They are adorable and look very polished but loose dresses totally work for girls, too! It seems like some kids still have toddler bellies and the darts might not work as well on them? Everything you make is adorable. I want more pics of the backpack! I saw one that your sister tagged Lucy in. Happy Bday to Hattie! Its so fun that she and Thomas have the same bday!

  3. Ohh, I want to be a pattern tester on this one! LOVE the sweet collar:) I have a 6 month old but I also have nieces in sizes 2T, 3T, and 5T to test things out on:) amyhulbert@gmail.com

    1. That would be great. It takes me a while to scan my pattern pieces onto the computer and get the directions and whatnot in order. Sadly, the most difficult part isn't the sewing, but the computer work! I'll add you to my pattern tester list and email you when it's ready. Thanks!!

  4. What about the Neverland Dress? Peter Pan collar, Neverland.... Or Wendy Dress. I just came across your blog through a Flickr group! Love!

    1. Oh - that's a perfect name! Neverland or Wendy dress sound soo cute! What a great idea - thanks for sharing!

  5. I dont have a daughter but personally I would steer clear of darts and side zippers. I don't like zippers on kids clothes, unless they are flys on pants or a zipper on a jacket/coat. and I agree about the darts and some toddler bellies and just varying kid sizes. BUT perhaps you could offer it as an optional step for people who wanted to use them? I love loose flowing clothes on kids, but the darts do look cute and grown up.

    Although it could just be me who doesn't like zippers and darts on kids clothes lol.

    oh and I LOVE Neverland or Wendy dress. Suits it perfectly.


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