January 12, 2012

Creamy Fish Pullover and Red Gelish

I've knit another sweater for my growing girl.  This time I used a very economical yarn and a wonderful pattern from Veera.  I'm very pleased with the results!  I used Ecological Wool from Cascade yarns.  It's very easy to work with, but has a slight sheepy smell.  The smell did go away after the washing and blocking. 

I also want to show off my Gelish manicure.  I NEVER rave about products - but I'm absolutely in LOVE with Gelish.  I don't ever think about my nails that much (obviously - take a look at my cuticles), but with Gelish - my nailpolish was on for 10 days without a single chip or dulled shine.  I only took the polish off becuase I wanted to change colors!

Seriously - it's the best polish ever!  It is slightly spendy (I used my Christmas cash to purchase it) but totally worth it.  My nails are super shiny AND they last through multiple hand washings, track practices, sewing stints, etc... 

Here's a link to my ravelry page - for the pattern information.

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