December 30, 2010

I won!

Can I just say that I'm so excited I won a giveaway! It feels like another Christmas is coming in the mail!

I'm new to the blogging world and I'm learning about all types of promotions.  I found out that Sew Mama Sew hosts a Giveaway Day.  So I checked out a few new blogs and entered some, okay lots, of giveaways!  The list is still up of many, many crafty blogs!

I won a new camera strap from Broward Patch on Etsy.  I even got to pick it out from her cute selection in her shop!  I chose the CORAL patchwork camera strap and it's even more beautiful in person!  I must say that she stitches some of the straightest lines I've ever seen!  
It's so perfect because I just got a new camera (Canon Rebel XS) and while I haven't even had time to dislike the existing strap, this one is oh-so-much cuter!

It's actually a replacement strap, not a cover for your existing strap.  Strap covers might have a tendency to shift and get twisted, but this quilted camera strap is cozy as can be!

Thanks so much to Jennifer from Broward Patch!  I love it!


  1. Becky: I was ecstatic when I won a SMS giveaway in the Spring. My husband couldn't believe how excited I got for winning a "silly quilt." Congrats on your win - and enjoy your new camera! Blessings to the 4 of you! :) Jen Q

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