December 29, 2010

Easy Fabric Alphabet

Make room in your fabric stash for fresh, funky and new fabrics by using up all those pesky scraps.  I hate it when my scrap pile grows out of the bin and starts exploding onto the floor.  This was my latest solution.

This project was fun and easy to do, not to mention you get to do some "TV sewing" (ie - cutting out shapes and layering fabrics) while watching your favorite shows!

I made 2 complete alphabet sets and added the letters to spell "LUCY" in matching fabrics.  I thought that this might be a fun spelling and word game as she grows older.  It's sure been popular with the adult crowds hanging around the toy bin!

  • Print out the alphabet from Microsoft Word using the font Arial Black in size 300, Bold.  
  • Then cut out the letters with a scissors.
  •  Pick out your fabrics and sandwich some cotton batting (or fleece) between 2 layers of fabric with right sides out, wrong sides facing the batting
  • Taped the letters onto one side of the fabric sandwich (I used minimal amounts of scotch tape) and stitch around the edges of the letters and any other openings.  
  • Using a sharp pair of scissors trim the fabric 1/8" from the edge of the stitching line. 
The letters do shed a bit and so I threw them into the dryer.  I plan on trimming them as necessary.  I think next time I'll use pinking shears for the edges to reduce the amount of fraying.


  1. These are amazing! Just found you through Pinterest. I may even have the patience to make them. Maybe.

  2. I love the frayed edge look!

  3. How did you cut the insides of the letters like A, B, O and Q?


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