December 13, 2010

Easy French Press Cozy

Spoiler alert.  Kristin Ruud do not read any further.  I realize the title has already done some damage to the surprise.

When my sister in law asked for a french press for Christmas I was more than happy for a reason to shop and browse at Crate and Barrel.  They have such beautiful displays!

The press on it's own was nice - but I thought all the stainless steel and glass could use something a little more "homey".  



Much more cozy!

This is the back/inside.

Can you see me taking the photo?

It's not a totally original idea, but it's fast and easy.  I wish I would have seen this blog post over at craftsylish before I started!  I did essentially the exact same thing - using 2 buttons and narrow elastic instead of ribbon closures.  I also didn't quilt the cozy.  

I made the cozy 6.25" x 11.5" and I think it fits perfectly!  The french press is a BODUM Original (made of glass) and is available at Crate and Barrel.

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