July 7, 2012

Guest Post, FREE PATTERN and Coupon Code

Have you been following the Shorts on the Line Series?

shorts on the line button

I'm over at Imagine Gnats doing a guest post today!  There have been so many inspiring sewing projects!  CLICK HERE to see the guest post and download the FREE PATTERN.

So hop on over to Imagine Gnats and you'll see photos of my new cuffed shorts. I have been wearing them non-stop!

I'm also sharing the pattern with you for FREE so you can sew up your own pair for these hot summer days!
Shorts on the line readers - use the coupon code: 
and get 30% off your Owly Baby patterns for sale HERE 

Coupon valid until 7/27/2012.  Coupon does not apply to bundle packs.  Thanks!


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  2. Why do you post that there is a free pattern and then offer a discount? Am I missing something? The photo used to state the free pattern offer routes me to an etsy site to purchase the pattern. ???

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