July 23, 2012

Fabric Destash Sale!

I've just realized I have more fabric in my closet than I could ever hope to sew!  Please help yourself to some fabulous fabrics, help me raise some funds AND clear out my closet!  

You can save 10% 
on your fabric purchase by using the 
coupon code: OwlyBlog10

Here's a preview of the fabrics up for grabs:

American Jane, Alexander Henry, Heather Ross, Urban Chiks, Katie Jump Rope and more!

Lots of Anna Maria Horner

Original Flea Market Fancy, I can't believe I'm selling it!

Suzuko Koseki Sewing Prints, all 9" x 11"

Lots of Heather Ross in there!

Mono Pez Half Yard Sets, 2 available
Come check it out!  FABRIC SALE HERE!

1 comment:

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