May 11, 2011

Kid's Clothes Week

I've been busy sewing and *trying* to snap a few photos for Kid's Clothes week from Elsie Marley.  It really is a challenge!

It's already the third day and I haven't posted anything yet - but I've completed 2 sunbonnets and a dress for Harriet.  The bonnets are fully reversible - which is fabulous!

Here are the bonnets - Peekaboo Bonnet pattern from Made by Rae

The dress pattern is Dorothee from Citronille.  The patterns are written in French (I don't know a word of French) but if you've sewn a few garments before you could figure it out.  They also include very helpful diagrams.  I'm not sure I love the dress - the sleeves are a bit puffy for my taste.

(photo soon - once the girls go down for their nap!)

1 comment:

  1. Harriet is so pretty! Love the bonnets. Can't wait to see the dress. :)


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