May 2, 2011

I've been...

*wishing for warmer weather, but been staying warm in my first hand-knit sweater

*sewing a cute shirt for myself!  (and drafted a personalized sloper)  It's a pale blue blouse with a small peter pan collar, long french darts and a bow!

*cutting out more napkins to sew for everday use from this fabric collection

*refraining from sewing a baptismal dress for this cutie (she will be wearing the same dress I wore  - and that my aunt made - for her upcoming baptism)

*but did crochet this bonnet for her special day (photo and pattern HERE from Aesthetic Nest)

*enjoying the beautiful new chalk in our driveway

*and looking forward to some Dundas Dukes summer baseball games


  1. Your daughter is the cutest! Your sweater looks awesome! Can't wait to see your new shirt. :)

  2. That baby picture is ADORABLE!!!
    Congrats on your first sweater. It looks fabulous!

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