April 2, 2011

Giving from the Heart

There is something extra special about a handmade gift.  I know that when I make gifts for others - I carefully plan the project thinking about the recipients favorite colors and styles.  While stitching the project I think about the recipient and how they will use their new gift.  I imagine them opening the gift with glee and wearing it with pride. 
My daughter Hattie has received many handmade gifts from the generous people in our congregation, but one of the most beautiful gifts she has received arrived as a surprise in the mail a few weeks ago.

I can truly appreciate the handiwork of our friend Megan as I have recently begun knitting.  There are quite a few maneuvers that she used that I haven't even begun to learn yet!  The color is absolutely gorgeous and I'm so excited to see our growing baby in this beautiful sweater. 
 Of course I have to sneak in a few photos of Hattie at 2 months!

She's been an absolute joy and we all love her smiles and "ah-goo's".

Thanks again Megan!  I'm sure Hattie will treasure this sweater and the labor of love as she grows into (and out of) it.  


  1. That is such a beautiful sweater! Love the pictures of Hattie too. :)

  2. Gorgeous sweater...but REALLY gorgeous baby :)


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