March 31, 2011

Making and breaking resolutions

I've been making little resolutions lately- too many resolutions.  I'm not sure if it's out of unhappiness with my current state or a simple striving for something better.  These resolutions are made each day at the most random of times.  Not thinking them through - I plod through my day and when I find I haven't upheld my new resolution - I furrow my brow and vow to do better.  I think it's making me feel like I've failed a mini-test each day.  This is not good.

For example - I resolved a few weeks ago to shed the last of the baby weight I've been lugging around.  I decided that my only snacks were going to be carrots and apples until the weight disappeared.  So...last night after 2 weeks of restraint - enter chips and salsa and root beer floats. 

I've also resolved to go on a walk each morning on the "new route" that is one mile longer than my previous walking route.  Much easier to "resolve" than to "do" with 2 little kidlets and a Spring that has recently reverted back to Winter.

I've resolved so many things that I can't even remember them all...write down more daily stories in the baby books, do a little laundry each day instead of huge loads every weekend, do only 2 craft projects at a time, sew 1 hour each night for my current project, run and lift three times a week, do 2 sessions daily of "preschool learning time" with Lucille, cut back on soda consumption...the list goes on...

I think I'm writing this post just to keep myself honorable.  The solution, I think, is to pick the 1 or 2 things that really matter and focus on that resolution alone.  Until I come to my senses and put some good thought into it, I suppose I'll keep making, and breaking my little resolutions. 

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  1. I am the same way! I've decided I need to only pick one or two things at a time to work on and keep working on those until I get better. The other things I need to work on get wishlisted b/c I know I just can't do it all. Good luck!!


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