February 4, 2013

What's going on!

It's been a busy time at the Owly Baby residence!  There hasn't been work on any new patterns - there might be one coming out this summer.  We'll see...

Here's what has been going on...(since December!)

My sister got married - and our whole family got to be in the wedding! :) 12-12-12!

We had a wonderful Christmas!

Everyone enjoyed their presents!

I knit a sweater.

and another sweater.  (and some hats that were gifted)

We've had some quiet time.

and some birthday time!

And sewing projects were sent across the country for a SWAP!

Right now, I've just finished reupholstering my ottoman for the last time EVER!  My hands are so achy from the stapler!  Photos to come! (p.s. it's hot pink!)


  1. Cute pics bec...um hot pink ottoman...I guess i'll have to see it! Love the sweater too! (Don't forget the snakeskin leggings you gifted to your sister...ow ow! )

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