June 30, 2012

Swimsuit for ME!

I've taken a few deep breaths and I'm ready to share photos of my swimsuit!  This blog post is a good exercise in body image confidence!

Anyways, I was looking at swimsuits at anthropologie.com and decided to borrow a few style elements.  I liked the curves on the bikini tops and also the ruffles.  Those two elements are also supposed to give the illusion of a bust to those less gifted (like myself).  My bust is extremely out of proportion with my hips.  But, back to the topic.  It's hard to see in the photos, but the light blue fabric has off white polka dots.  Gingham and polka dots, that's how I roll!

Without further apology, here is my new suit!  

I copied the bottoms from a target swimsuit I wore last year.  I would ideally like more coverage in the front, and a little more width in the back.  Next time...

Just so I'm not the only one in a swimsuit in this post, here is Lucy sporting her mama made suit.  (she's with my Mom and Hattie)

A little girl at the pool noticed we had matching fabrics in our swimsuits and when I mentioned that I sewed our suits, she said "You can DO THAT?" with large eyes and a amazed expression.  That's pretty much the bewilderment I am going for every time I show my husband something I've made.  He raised his eyebrows at my double welt, buttoned pockets last night and said "Nice".  (for a Minnesotan, that's a pretty deal!)

 Here we are at the cabin, warming up after the frigid water.  I opted to keep my suit on, unlike my free spirited daughter.  

Happy summer everyone!


  1. Wow! Your bathing suit looks amazing! I can't believe that you made that! (and I love that you inspired that little girl...perhaps she'll be a little sewist in the future :)

  2. Love the ruffles and fabric you picked. The swimsuit (and you!) look great!!

  3. Please. You look great! And so does the swimsuit. :)

  4. Love the posts, get over your body...you are HOT..now mom (grandma) is going to kill you for posting pictures of her in a bathing suit. you are an inspiration to everyone!


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