March 31, 2012

Baby Quilt for a friend

I finally have something to share! I have been sewing and quilting and crafting, but have lacked the time and energy to show the online world! Sometimes when you finish a project you're really proud of, it feels nice to show it off a little bit.

This little quilt (45" x 60") was given to two wonderful soon-to-be parents this morning. It felt wonderful to be able to give them a handmade gift and I secretly love imagining a little baby laying on this quilt. The sex of the baby is a surprise!

Now, back to all things quilty! I made some wonky stars for the middle and did some bias "caution tape" border.  I really like the finished results!

I just have to note that the quilt is entirely straight, the edges aren't wavy at all.  It only appears that way becauase it's resting lightly on the (long) grass. 

 It's nothing exciting, but I like the star on the backing.

 Here is my favorite part of the back!  The Minnestoa Grown! (We live in MN)

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