November 13, 2011

Geese in Ring Quilt Bee Blocks - DONE!

I'm finally finished with my Geese in Ring Blocks!  Here they are!

 Plums and Purples block.  This one was the hardest for me as I don't have many purples or plum fabrics.

 This one is for Valkryie.  She said we could do whatever we wanted.  It's a semi-rainbow.

This one is yellows, blues and greens.  I found that almost all of my blues are light blue or turquoise.  I suppose that's something to work on stash-wise!

 This is another rainbow block!
 This block is orange, yellow and green.  She wanted repeating colors if I remember correctly.  I hope everyone likes their blocks!!

 This was my test block but I'm sending it in as a rainbow block.  I don't know if I should pick who gets which rainbow block or let them pick their blocks on flickr.  

This is the last block.  Another rainbow.  They're pretty when you put them all together.  I never have any idea where to place the pinks and browns.  
I had a fun time making these blocks and I'm excited to have them all done.  I like to think that a piece of my handiwork will be in quilts across the world!  Thanks to all the other ladies who participated in the swap also.  I'll be making a nice lap quilt with a rainbow sashing (that's the plan so far).


  1. Can I claim the test block with the little dog??! ;-) They all look great! You did a fantastic job!
    I think I did my orange/yellow/green block wrong, b/c I did the colors in groups! Oops..

  2. All of your blocks are absolutely lovely, and your fabric choices quite unique!
    If you want to help me with the sorting, then please indicate which block belongs to who :)


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