October 5, 2011

Bicycles Quilt

Things have been moving around here!  I started and finished Hattie's Bicycles quilt.  She told me that it was her favorite quilt ever!  It's my favorite too!  I used Heather Ross' Bicycles print, some pink scraps and a bit of Flea Market Fancy.

It has nine wonky stars with glow-in-the-dark hand quilting.  I added the strips at the top and bottom to make it a crib size quilt.  Here are a few more photos - just because it's my favorite quilt ever!!

I love gingham backing.  It's very soft and home-y.  Is that a word?

I also ran Twin Cities Marathon this weekend with my sister.  She beat me by 11 minutes - that stinker!  We're still smiling at the end so the event was a success.
 There we are in the center with our names on our shirts!  Becky and Vicky. 
 The speedy little sis.

I've also been sewing up a storm.  I'm working on a few new patterns (dresses, of course).  I've also sewn a custom quilt, pillows and bed skirt for a soon-to-arrive baby, some simple curtains for the church nursery, and a class set of chair-back bags/organizers for a local school.  Whew!  In between these crafts I've managed to begin some Christmas gifts.  I think I'm planning on an entirely handmade Christmas so it's good that I've already started!  Anyone else planning a handmade Christmas?  Tips?

I've completely forgotten about Halloween and have to come up with some costume ideas.  Our family of gnomes last year will be hard to beat.  I think animals might be easy with some sort of sweatshirt embellishment?

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