August 17, 2011

Knitting Bag Refashion

I would include a tutorial but it's too easy!  All you need is a seam ripper.  Rip apart the existing fabric on the musty, stained knitting bag.  Then trace the pieces onto your favorite fabrics and reassemble.  The only thing I really changed was to add more pockets!  Each bag has 3 medium sized pockets and 2 dpn or pencil pockets.  The larger bag also has a pattern pocket.

The fabrics I used for the large bag are Amy Butler's Morning Glory in Linen, Full Moon Polka Dot in Slate and Red.  It is quite large - the pocket with the flowers is holding an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper - perfect for your knitting patterns!

For the smaller bag I used Paula Prass' Woodland Delight Brick Path in Brown, and Flights of Fancy Summer Fretwork in Summer.  It was basically the same process - rip apart and put it back together in reverse order.  I did have to hand sew them to the frames, but it didn't take a horribly long time.

This bag would be the perfect size for knitting hats, kids sweaters, socks, mittens and other smaller projects.  

HINT:  If it's hard for you to remember in what order you need to sew things together, just take a photo after ripping each seam apart and sew it together in the reverse order.

Both of these bags are for sale HERE in my Etsy shop. ($45 for the large bag - SOLD, $32 for the small bag -SOLD).

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