January 17, 2011

Extreme nesting

I'm now a few days overdue and I'm quite impatiently for baby to come.  The house has been kept clean, the dishes done, laundry folded, meals have been made and frozen....

There is nothing left to do but sew!  Keeping my hands busy has been a blessing and has kept my mind off of the sleepless nights to come...

Here is what I have been up to in the last few days. 

Completed Projects

Stacked Strip Quilt Pillow
I just got a walking foot and thought I should try my hand at quilting....so here is my attempt at a stacked strip pillow with cording.

The colors make me happy.

I had fun playing with my scrap pile - and rearranging the colors over and over...

It was also my first time making cording.  
I think the red and white stripes make the pillow quite playful.

Burp Cloths
I made a few new burp cloths for the baby (and a few for the shop)

Nursing Cover
I embroidered the bottom corner of my new nursing cover to give it some pizazz.  It's also fitting for Valentine's day coming up!

I stumbled upon some beautiful quilts while looking for inspiration for my stacked strip quilt pillow.  A few of the quilts were made of hexagons that had been hand pieced.  I thought I would give the hexagons a try and now I'm hooked! 

The hand sewing involved in paper piecing is very therapeutic and almost addictive.  I know it will be a work in progress for quite a while - but piecing hexagons is great for using up scraps AND it's a great on-the-go projects (think car rides, waiting rooms, etc..).
Travel Sewing Case
So I HAD to make a little travel sewing case for my hexagon sewing supplies.  I'm so proud of this little zipper case I spent about 10 minutes just opening and closing it last night for my husband.  He was still trying to be impressed after the 15th time...so nice of him!

It holds just the bare necessities for paper piecing hexagons or other small sewing projects.

Do you see the hexagons peeking out?  They're calling my name...sew me...

Paper Pieced Hexagons

My small stack of finished hexagons.  So fun!

 Works in progress

Embroidered Artwork
I started another embroidery project - this one will hang in the kitchen.  I'm fairly new at reverse applique, but I like how it turned out.  
It's not perfect but I think there is a certain kind of beauty in the imperfections.

I think I'm reaching maximum nesting potential.  This was all accomplished within the last 4 days.  Come on out, baby!


  1. What lovely projects! I especially like the pillow. I'm so eager to get a walking foot! Do you have any tips thus far if you're not already in labor? (good luck with that too btw).

  2. Thanks so much! The walking foot was fun but it's important to note that it will only do straight lines. Seriously - I wouldn't even attempt a 90 degree turn with the needle down!

  3. i love the new additions becky! the pillow is so pretty and i can't wait for the hexagon quilt! thanks for finishing mine again...it sits proudly at the end of my bed and I tuck it under my chin on the cold winter nights :)
    happy nesting (hopefully over soon :))


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